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Trading Terms and Conditions


The tender price is based on all present taxes, levies and imposts (all such taxes, levies and imposts being hereinafter referred to as "Taxes") other than income tax imposed by the Australian Government. The tender price is subject to adjustment to reflect the effects of any changes in present Taxes and the effects of any future Taxes.



We are informed by our insurance providers that we are not able to enter into cross liability or subrogation provisions, or agreements not to claim against Public Liability policies held by the proprietor or builder.



These damages will be limited to a maximum of five percent (5%) of our Contract Value excluding prime costs, provisional and contingency sums.Auscoast Fire Services  will not be held liable for any delay in finalising the design and furnishing due to fire,water damage , act of war, inability to source components/materials, lockouts, disputes with other parties, flood, strike, commotion, act of God or any other cause beyond Auscoast Fire Services reasonable control.



No allowance has been made for any costs which may be levied by Brigade Authority or any other statutory authority having jurisdiction over the project, other than Brigade Monitoring Application fees.



The warranty period shall not exceed 52 weeks from the date of practical completion.The supplier warrants the product to be free from defects in materials and/or workmanship for a limited lifetime from the date of original purchase (the warranty period). Proof of purchase is required. Subject to the limitations and exclusions set out on this page and/or noted explicitly, the Supplier hereby agrees to remedy any defects in materials or workmanship becoming apparent during the warranty period, by replacing or repairing any defective product or component (at its option) free of charge to the purchaser in respect of replacement parts or labour. Any defective product or component must be notified and where practicable, returned at the purchaser’s expense to the Supplier immediately upon discovery of the alleged defect and no attempt made on the part of the purchaser to repair. Auscoast Fire Services shall not make repairs/replacements caused by negligence or misuse of equipment by others, external communications malfunction, faulty customer equipment ( including piping ), fluctuation or failure of electrical power outside of the operating specification, use of improper materials , including magnetic media ( HDD changes ) or by reason of any other cause beyond Auscoast Fire Services reasonable control excluding ordinary wear and tear.



This offer provides for the whole of the work to be carried out on the basis of a 38-hour week, 19-day month, Monday to Friday, 6.30 am to 2.30 pm inclusive.



Our Offer is based on the provision of Retention Money (as agreed at contract signing).



We have not allowed for independent testing (unless noted in tender).


We reserve the right to claim extensions to our agreed delivery or completion times on the following grounds

a) Inclement weather

b) Errors or omissions in the client design documentation.

c) Changes in the scope of work either additional or deducted where they have an effect on the program



This offer is based on the condition that the whole of the work would be carried out as one continuous project devoid of delay in the provision of goods, materials, areas, services or structures, the provision of which is the responsibility of others.



If unit rates apply to the tender, these are based on the variation works being carried out at the time of other works in the same area and are not applicable to alterations or additions in areas where work has been completed. Deletions will be priced at 30% less than the schedule of unit rates plus any restocking or order cancellation fees imposed on us by our suppliers. Unit rates do not make allowances for costs associated with design, plant, coordination and other non-workforce related cost.



Items of plant or equipment, noted within the specification as being supplied and/or installed by others, would need to be complete, assembled, tested and ready for immediate installation and service without the need for modification or assembly by our personnel.



Our offer excludes Latent Conditions.



We have assumed that the site is free from asbestos. However, should asbestos be encountered, we reserve the right to claim any costs incurred due to the asbestos discovery.


Should any involved parties identify Auscoast Fire Services is missing KPIs, mile stones and/or other targets formally communicated during the tender process, the said party shall notify Auscoast Fire Services in writing with in 30 days from expected delivery time and allow Auscoast Fire Services to make good without any lasting repercussions or ill will.


All accommodation and levies are excluded our quotation, unless noted otherwise



Our offer excludes for the provision of temporary fire detection provisions. Auscoast Fire Services is able to offer these services for an additional cost if required.



Removal of associated trade waste to be carried out on a daily basis by Auscoast Fire Services Removal only to assigned storage area's / containers on each level, removal to final waste area's / containers is by others.



Our offer is based on measurements taken from the documentation provided at time of tender. Should there be discrepancies in the contract documentation then these changes will be subject to price variation.



"As Built" and workshop drawings will be provided as required by the specification on the assumption that necessary architectural, structural or fire services base drawings will be supplied, to Auscoast Fire Services, free of charge. The drawings should be in a format compatible with the required drawings called for in the specification.



Our offer is based on an order being received within 30 days to enable purchase orders to be placed for long delivery, raw material dependent and imported items. Should an order not be received, in this time frame, we reserve the right to increase our prices to cover the additional costs that may be incurred due to changes in currency exchange rates, commodity prices such as copper or oil, or changes in factory pricing which are outside of our control. We also reserve the right to withdraw our offer should the contract conditions be unacceptable or satisfactory credit approval is not attainable.



All progress claims will be made under the Building Services Payment Act and The Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2017 (QLD)


All offers and quotations provided by Auscoast Fire Services and/or their selected partners and third parties are valid for 30 days from the date outlined, and becomes binding if signed and/or actioned/delivered by involved parties during that period or agreed terms.

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