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Smoke Detection
Fire Alarms

Early warning can save lives.

A fire alarm system is a network of devices that employ visual and aural signals, such as strobe lights, voice evacuation, and mass communication, to warn people of a potential fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide disaster. It is the first line of protection, alerting you and your system to the presence of a fire. The detection of smoke, heat, or carbon monoxide is frequently used in fire alarm systems. A fire alarm system contains an emergency communication system, which notifies your local fire department of the incident general via a 3rd party piece of hardware called the ASE (Alarm Signalling Equipment).

Auscoast Fire Services develops, installs, maintains, and supports all life safety and alarm systems. We're here to make things simple. We handle all of your life safety and alarm systems as your single point of contact so you can focus on your main business. Inquire about how our service agreements might help you automate your life safety programme and remain compliant.

We have the knowledge to instal and maintain the proper system type for your needs, whether it is a traditional or addressable fire alarm system. We are also authorised and qualified to operate on the majority of major fire alarm brands, such as but not limited to:


  • Notifier

  • Pertronic

  • Brooks

  • Siemens

  • Fusion

​Required maintenance and testing regime

Monthly, Six Monthly and Annual inspections and tests are required for Fire Panels (FDCIE/FIP) under AS1851:2012. The tests consist of starting devices, communication equipment, remote annunciators and warning systems. An annual inspection requires 50% of the sites smoke detectors to be checked and 20% of the thermal detectors to be tested along with the sound pressure levels (dB levels) of the evacuation tones and announcements.


Enquire today how Auscoast Fire Services can provide a turn-key solution to your fire and smoke detection requirements.

Aspirating smoke detection, point type detection or visual Auscoast Fire Services can design, install and maintain your fire detection system and panel to ensure safe and timely operation.

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