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Auscoast Fire Services: Rebuilding an Icon with Expertise and Experience

In the aftermath of a devastating flood, the process of rebuilding can be daunting. However, with the right expertise and experience, it is possible to restore an icon to its former glory.

This is where Auscoast Fire Services comes into play. As a complete fire services provider, Auscoast Fire Services has the knowledge and capabilities to guide and assist in the reconstruction of iconic structures and community cornerstones . In this article, we will delve into the story of how Auscoast Fire Services played a crucial role in the rebuilding of an iconic facility, showcasing their expertise and why they were the best-suited choice for the project.

The Challenge: Rebuilding an Icon

The Devastating Flood

The once vibrant Norco ice cream factory, a beloved landmark in the heart of Lismore, stood defiantly against the onslaught of the devastating floods. The raging waters, relentless in their fury, submerged the factory, leaving behind a trail of ruin. The loss was not merely material; it was a blow to the collective spirit, for the factory embodied the community's resilience and unwavering passion.

Expertise and Experience

With their extensive experience in the fire industry and expansive team, Auscoast Fire Services was well-equipped to handle the complexities of the project and the rapid timeline. Their team of experts understood the intricacies of fire safety regulations and compliance, making them the ideal partner for the reconstruction efforts.

Saving Costs and Time

One of the key advantages of working with Auscoast Fire Services is their ability to save costs and time. Their experience and knowledge in the field allow them to streamline the design and installation processes, resulting in improved efficiencies and cost reductions by offering complete turnkey solutions and delivering all aspects inhouse. By leveraging their expertise, Auscoast Fire Services ensures that the project stays on budget and meets compliance requirements.

Design: Brilliance in Decision-Making

In-House Design Services

Auscoast Fire Services takes pride in offering complete in-house design services. Their team of skilled professionals is proficient in CAD, REVIT, BIM data entry, and hydraulic calculations. This comprehensive approach allows them to create innovative and efficient designs that meet the unique requirements of each project whilst rationalising requirements all whilst meeting or exceeding the statutory requirements of the Australian Standards.

Designing for Flood Resistance

In the case of the iconic facility, flood resistance was a critical design consideration. Auscoast Fire Services implemented measures to protect the structures fire and life safety infrastructure from future flood events. One of the standout features was all critical items have been installed and built on raised platforms with additional fixings and IP rated connections, along with reinforced steel webbing and additional support arms, ensuring the facility's resilience in the face of flooding.

Installation: Catering to Diverse Industries

Serving a Wide Range of Sectors

Auscoast Fire Services has built a reputation as the preferred choice for Australia's biggest and most well-respected builders. Their expertise extends across various industries, including retail, residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and defense. Regardless of the project's scale or complexity, Auscoast Fire Services is equipped to handle the installation process with precision and efficiency.

Tailoring Solutions to Unique Needs

Each industry has its own set of requirements, and Auscoast Fire Services understands the importance of tailoring solutions accordingly. Whether it's a multi-story high-rise or a sprawling 10,000 sqm store, their team is adept at providing customised fire protection systems that align with the specific needs of the industry.

Maintenance: Ensuring Longevity and Compliance

Life Cycle Analysis

To ensure the longevity of fire protection systems, Auscoast Fire Services conducts thorough life cycle analyses. This strategic approach allows them to identify potential issues and plan for timely maintenance and upgrades. By proactively managing the life cycle of assets, Auscoast Fire Services helps clients avoid unexpected costs and ensures the continuous compliance of their fire protection systems.

Real-Time Reporting and Compliance Documentation

Staying compliant with fire safety regulations is of utmost importance. Auscoast Fire Services recognizes this and provides clients with on-demand compliance documentation and real-time reporting. This transparency allows clients to have a clear understanding of their assets' life cycles, cost characteristics, and areas that require attention.

Auscoast Fire Services: The Best Choice for Iconic Projects

The Value of Experience

The successful rebuilding of an iconic facility requires the expertise and experience that only Auscoast Fire Services can offer. With a proven track record of working on prominent projects, including collaborations with renowned brands like Dexus, The world Bank and all of Australians' most respected builders and developers , Auscoast Fire Services brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Their understanding of industry standards and regulations ensures that the project is executed seamlessly.

Commitment to Excellence

Auscoast Fire Services takes pride in delivering excellence at every stage of the project. From design to installation and maintenance, their team of dedicated professionals goes above and beyond to exceed client expectations. Their commitment to quality, efficiency, and compliance is evident in every aspect of their work.

Saving Costs and Time

By leveraging their experience and knowledge, Auscoast Fire Services saves costs and time for clients. Their ability to streamline processes and optimise design efficiencies results in significant cost reductions and operational efficiencies. Additionally, their commitment to meeting compliance requirements ensures that the project stays on schedule, avoiding costly delays.


The rebuilding of an iconic facility is a testament to the resilience and determination of a community. Auscoast Fire Services played a crucial role in this journey by offering their expertise and experience. Through their comprehensive in-house design services, efficient installation processes, and proactive maintenance strategies, they ensured that the project was a success. With their commitment to excellence, Auscoast Fire Services continues to be the go-to choice for iconic projects, saving costs, time, and ultimately, preserving the safety and security of communities.

For more information about Auscoast Fire Services and their expertise in fire protection, please visit their official website.

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